This week Alex Grieve joins the ambitious Yorkshire Carnegie club as we look to grow the impact the Yorkshire project has within the regions.

Alex will have a focus on the East Yorkshire region, in relation to the clubs and schools that support the East ERDPP programme. Alex’s main aims will be to look to increase the contact time that players in the East region have with expert coaching along the pathway, as well as support coach development and provide a consistent message around the Academy Pathway in Yorkshire.

Initially Alex will focus on the current U14 players involved in the ERDPP in the East region and will aim to deliver additional sessions at their clubs and schools in between ERDPP sessions, these sessions will not only benefit the players in the system but also the players around them and their coaches and parents. Alex will be looking to support these players until October of 2018 when a cohort of players are brought into the Yorkshire Carnegie Junior Development Squad as U15s, before starting again with the U14s of 2018-19 season.

In addition Alex will take a lead on the logistical management of the ERDPP programme across Yorkshire that is now delivered across 5 sites, at 5 age groups (U13-U17) throughout the season. The Yorkshire ERDPP programme is currently the most expansive development programme in the country in regards to the numbers, age groups and length of delivery. Having an integrated approach with Yorkshire County is key as it allows for later developers to access a development pathway and also keep developmental windows open for longer. In the recent ERDPP festivals, players at U16 and U17 who had not accessed the pathway previously have been identified to progress to county and academy training opportunities.

Alex will look to continue to grow the consistent message about the academy and the pathway in the eastern part of the county and ensure that all players have access to the pathway and information to support the next players to follow.