Following notice that London Welsh intend to enter voluntary liquidation, the RFU received confirmation on Thursday December 8 from the club that they are unable to raise a side for their Round 3 British & Irish Cup match against Doncaster Knights on Saturday December 10 2016 and cannot demonstrate that they will be able to fulfil the return fixture the following week.

British & Irish Cup regulation 6.10 states that “…If a Club fails to fulfil a Match, the matter shall be referred to the Committee, which shall decide, in its absolute discretion, what the consequences of such failure shall be.” As a result, the matter was referred to the British & Irish Cup Organising Committee.

The Organising Committee’s decision was that due to the uncertainty of London Welsh’s future, its inability to fulfil the next two fixtures and the uncertainty as to whether the Club would be able to fulfil its remaining fixtures, it was in the interests of the integrity of the competition and other participants that:
the Club be disqualified from the British & Irish Cup with immediate effect in line with Regulation 13.1;
and the Club’s results from Rounds 1 & 2 are expunged.

1Given the impact on the other clubs in Pool 2 and potentially other clubs in the competition, especially in terms of the final standings, the Organising Committee agreed that the calculation for the best runner up spots will now be decided on a pro rata basis by taking into account the competition points against matches played.

The Organising Committee reserves its right to review and amend the formula at the end of the pool stage in order to ensure that the fairest formula is applied when calculating the best runner up clubs.

London Welsh may appeal the decision of the Organising Committee to an Appeals Panel by notifying the RFU Head of Discipline in writing within 48 hours of the decision.