Following on from the great feedback from last year, we will once again place a Christmas tree in the Memorial Garden next to the memorial stone at the top of the garden, this will be available from the 5th December. Please feel free to lay flowers etc., around the bottom of the Christmas tree.

The Headingley Lodge reception will have white ribbons and a small card if you wish to write a personal message and tie this to the tree, alternatively you can place a small bauble or something of a similar nature. We ask that you do not place anything of value on the tree.

Headingley Lodge will be open until Christmas Eve, after this time ribbons and cards will be available from the Gatehouse. On Boxing Day the garden will only be accessible in the afternoon after the festive challenge fixture.

The tree will be in place until Friday 6th January. If you wish to collect anything from the tree please feel free to do so by this date.