The ERDPP structure in Yorkshire has progressed significantly since replacing the "schools of rugby" two years ago and Yorkshire Carnegie in partnership with Yorkshire county RFU have some exciting progressions for the coming season also.

The ERDPP is a national initiative under the England Rugby banner however through our partnership working and investment from Yorkshire Carnegie and Yorkshire RFU we have designed a regional programme that meets the regional needs of the county and the players within it, the feedback exercises last season were very insightful and we will continue to look for feedback from players, parents, coaches and administrators within the game in Yorkshire as well as meeting the directives and objectives set for the programme.

The ERDPP programme commenced on the week beginning 5th September 2016 and this year there will be a session once every four weeks upto December, the fourth session will include one to one feedback on players’ progress and at that point some players may be directed towards the assessment in the December school holidays with some area to work on, some players will continue straight through to the ERDPP playing festival in January. Following the playing festival there will be additional four-weekly sessions through to May, also included in this second phase will be another playing festival as well as a feedback session. For players at the U15 & U16 age groups there are also position specific training sessions led by the first team players.

The ERDPP in Yorkshire is very different to other ERDPP delivery centres as the menu of development activity ranges from U13 up to U17 with age group specific training options and an age group specific syllabus that is progressive as players pass along the pathway.

In addition, with the tight partnership between club and county we are working hard at integrating the pathways from U15 through to U18 to ensure that the right players are getting the correct opportunities for them at the right time, on the correct pathway.

Through the year there are entry and exit points for players at the U14-U16 age groups to match the unique and irregular development paths that many players pass through on their rugby development journeys. There are over 60 coaches and volunteers involved in supporting the players on their developmental journey including a number of our first team players who are keen to pass on their knowledge player to player with the next generation coming through.