Yorkshire Carnegie head coach Bryan Redpath said that although he felt his side gifted Welsh points at the start of the game they showed character to hold on for the third win of the season.

Head coach Bryan Redpath said: “We gifted them 14 points at the start of the game which made it hard. During that we dropped a ball, kicked off and then we knocked on for a penalty, we gifted them it in the first half. But then I thought we showed real character even with some harsh decisions against us. People will question us, but what we showed in those last few minutes when we were down to thirteen men was outstanding.

“That part of our defence, it wasn’t technical but it was just about putting your head in somewhere that is tough and going to hurt. But we stuck at it, there is quite a lot that we could look at and say it wasn’t good, this or that but we dug it out today and last season we wouldn’t have held on to that game. What it did show is real character to do so. I cant ask much more of the lads.”

With regard to Joe Ford’s missed kicks in front of the posts, he added: “These things happened and they missed a kick at the end to win, we made a lot of mistakes but the pleasing thing was that we got the job done and we move on to Scottish next weekend. They beat us at home last year so we have got a big point to rove against them. We will take that win and work on those things for next week.”

“Our set piece was great, its been a little bit questioned it but I thought Boyce and O’Donnell did a really good job and considering he hasn’t had much rugby this year with injuries, bumps and bruises, Ross Graham did well when he came on too.

“Our set piece was very good but not rewarded but our backline play in the first half, our backs are usually sharper and today we didn’t always reward them for their efforts. We will take the win, we do good and bad things together and we win and lose together.”

On the subject of the referee, he said: “He could have solved a lot of it earlier on. We had three line-out drives and got three scrum penalties in the first half but he never binned anyone so I think when their was a chance to bin straight after half time through foul play in the air, and its an easy one, he took it.
He binned us twice, we accept it but he got the wrong man in one, he got Mayhew when it was Ciaran Parker. But I am not looking back, I’m looking forward as it was a big win for us today. “