Yorkshire Carnegie Head Coach, Bryan Redpath, said there were plenty of positives to take from the team’s opening day win against Ealing as they prepare for their first home game of the season against Nottingham.

Reflecting on last week's game Redpath said: "I think we controlled the game quite well against Ealing, we had some frustrating times during the game but overall we controlled it well, especially in the second half with the wind and the rain behind us.  We played smart and kept them out of our half and there was probably two or three opportunities to capitalise and score more points but to conceded none in the second half and score ten was very important for us.

"We would like to improve our set piece against Nottingham, I think we lost five line outs against Ealing and there were collective reasons for that and there were scoring opportunities that we didn't capitalise on so there is lots for us to work on.

"Nottingham have had a good win.  They beat us away from home last year and we got a good victory at home but they still scored a few points against us so we can't be loose against them because they are dangerou

"We hope to have Rob O'Donnell and Jack Whetton back this week and hopefully they will come into the mix and pressurise the players in the second row.  Cusack has had an ankle and neck injury and has lost a lot of pre season in terms of running and has just had to play because we have had injuries.  Mike Mayhew and Ross Graham have had niggles and bumps so hopefully there is more coming back in the next week or so. Injuries mean the players have to dig in for each other and if that means an 8- minute stint then it means an 80 minute stint."