During the Easter Holidays our Junior Development Squad attended an Under-16 RFU Academy Residential camp, sponsored by BMW, at Wellington College.

Here is a blog from Under-16 player Jacob Mounsey

We were all looking forward to this prestigious week at Wellington and it was the first time that the week had been done in this format. All fourteen of the country’s academies sent down a side to compete. There was a tournament on the Monday and the week ended with a full game on the Friday. There were multiple training sessions during the week and also lectures to do with being a professional rugby player.

It was a different week for me because I was injured, with a knee injury, but I had the goals of being able to play on the final day in the last game. So I started the week just watching the Monday’s tournament which was still an amazing thing even to be a part of and then I did physio work for the rest of the week. This meant I was able to play on the final day which was a great experience to get to play in such a high quality game with quite a lot of people watching.

The playing was obviously a big part of the week, but there was other stuff that was great to be part of. One of my favourite things about the week was the food! It was unbelievable. Breakfast was a fry up with options of creating your own cereal. Then for lunch there were multiple main courses, which you could have all of them if you wanted, a pasta bar, a sandwich bar to create your own sandwich with as many fillings as you could think of, and finally a pudding and yoghurt bar. This was the exactly the same for dinner but with different options. The whole week’s food was planned out for us by specialist nutritionists, who planned what meals we had and when we had them.

Finally there was the social side of the trip. We stayed in dorms and I was in the largest one, a four bedroom room, and the insides were average compared to the rest of the school, but it didn’t matter because it was just a great time being with your mates all the time. We had a table tennis table that was in use non-stop in-between training sessions and up until we went to bed. As well as all the stuff that was there we had the dice role for if you had failed to stick to the Carnegie rules and do a dice role and have to do whatever fine you landed.

The week was amazing for more than just the playing with all the factors I’ve mentioned, and is a great insider to what life of a professional player is like, and I really enjoyed it.