Yorkshire Carnegie will host a fans meeting on Sunday 27th March at 1pm in the Premier Suite at Headingley Carnegie Stadium ahead of the Yorkshire Carnegie’s game against Bedford Blues, kick off 4pm.

At the recent Yorkshire Carnegie Fans Forum meeting held last week, members got the chance to speak with the club’s Chairman, David Dockray, who was a guest.  David provided an overview as to where the business stood at this point in the season and also talked about future planning for the club however instead of a written overview.  Rather than giving detailed minutes of the meeting it was decided that a second fans meeting would be a more effective way of communicating what David had discussed and equally a match day was chosen as a better day to host the meeting to ensure we provided the best option for our fans to attend.
The meeting is open to all Yorkshire Carnegie fans however they must have a ticket for the game to gain access to the stadium. The turnstiles on St Michael’s Lane will open earlier at 12.30pm to allow access for fans wishing to attend the meeting and Car Park E will open early to allow fans to park using their season parking passes or pay for match day parking (£5). The stadium and turnstiles for match attendees not wishing to attend the meeting will fully open at 2pm.
There is no need to make us aware that you wish to come along to the meeting however if you wish to purchase tickets for the Yorkshire Carnegie v Bedford Blues match at Headingley Carnegie Stadium you can do over the phone on 0371 423 1315, online at www.yorkshirecarnegie.com or by coming down to the Leeds Rugby Store at Headingley Carnegie Stadium. Prices are £17 for adults, £10 for seniors over 65 and students and only £5 for juniors (16 and under) for general admission.


Fans Forum Meeting Wednesday 24th February
Fans Forum Members:
Attendees: Susie Woffinden, Ian Waterhouse, Gary Marks, Malcolm Robinson, Andrea Green.
Leeds Rugby Attendees:
Sian Jones (Head of Customer Experience & Meeting Chair), Jessica Ives (Customer Experience Telesales /Minute Taker)
Guests for the Evening:
Yorkshire Carnegie Chairman – David Dockray
Meeting Dates for 2016
·         Wednesday 30th March at 7pm (Rhinos)
·         Wednesday 27th April at 7pm (Group)
·         Wednesday  22nd  June at 7pm  (Carnegie)
·         Wednesday 20th July at 7pm (Rhinos)
·         Wednesday 26th October at 7pm (Carnegie)
·         Wednesday 23rd November at 7pm (Rhinos)
·         Wednesday 14th December at 7pm (Group)
Sian: Firstly welcome to the first Yorkshire Carnegie Fans Forum of 2016.  I would just like to thank you all for your continued support.  I would like to make you aware that Gary would like to announce that he is resigning from the forum after this evening.  I will hand over to Gary to explain.

Gary: Thanks Sian. Yes I will be resigning after this evening as I am moving to New Zealand.  I have decided to take the opportunity to have the gap year I didn’t have and travel to New Zealand on a working holiday visa.  Unfortunately I cannot take my role within the forum over with me so I wish you all the best. 

Sian: You will be missed by the forum Gary but I would like to thank you on behalf of the forum for the support and input you have had within the group.
David Dockray joined the forum this evening to discuss the current position of the club and also the plans the board are putting in place in order to get the club to where it needs to be with promotion into the premiership.
David discussed progress to date and future expectations using five key areas that the board set objectives for throughout the season:


David discussed the five key areas in depth with the forum and asked for some feedback from them surrounding the points that were discussed.  The forum then discussed their feedback and ideas were discussed as to how to improve attendance etc. using the forum and events that we can plan.
In conclusion, it was felt that a wide group of fans would be interested in the content of what the forum discussed with David and that the best way to do that would be by holding a meeting open to all fans with the board. To make this as easy as possible for fans to attend we will hold the fans meeting prior to the Bedford Blues match on Sunday 27th March which will be circulated via our website. This meeting will then provide the material for wider communication with those who cannot attend and will therefore substitute for the usual fans forum minutes.
Feedback from Susie Woffinden– Fans Forum Member

  • The highlights are good – and particularly having the score and scorers on there (which was previously requested at the forum) – however we don’t always seem to get them e.g. Cornish Pirates – is there a reason for this?

There is no particular reason – it maybe a technical glitch. We will look into it.

  • Thank you from the message board for the tannoy volumes!

Thank you! Glad it has been fixed!

  • From the message board: The programme used to contain a grid which showed who played in which match. It was good for looking at selection patterns. Any chance of it appearing again?

Unfortunately there is no space available.

  • From the message board & talking to people: A number of people are wondering when there might be communication from the club on signings or new deals.

As soon as any deals or signings are done they are announced.

Feedback from Ian Waterhouse – Fans Forum Member

  • Has the moving back to HC of the two Huddersfield "On the Road" fixtures led to any reconsideration of this unique proposition for junior clubs or do we still intend to pursue it in future? A supplementary to this question concerns the continuing relationship with the two Clubs concerned, or is there a sense of realism about the circumstances which led to the relocation back to home ground and that we are fortunate to have this option available to us?

On The Road fixtures are put out to tender for the fixture to take place at different grounds. Clubs will then put their plans forward to be considered as a host.

Due to the weather that caused issues around the time of the fixtures it was decided that those fixtures should be moved back to Headingley as the pitch was more durable and able to hold the fixture without causing lasting damage.  There has been no further decisions to report with regards to the ‘On the Road’ matches in 2016-17 season

  • Still some concern that most Satsuma Surprise packages at Half-time don't seem to get far from the tunnel in terms of distribution and are handed over to grasping hands reaching across the pitch side wall. Isn’t there a more democratic distribution process which can be adopted which includes everybody at the fixture irrespective of their position in the ground?

This has been something that has been brought to our attention before and it will be passed onto the marketing department to ensure that they are distributed fairly across the stadium.

Feedback from Gary Marks – Fans Forum Member

  • Had feedback about paying on the gate at the Rotherham game. The queue being huge because the turnstiles had no change to give. When tickets are £17 most people will pay with £20 notes so an abundance of £1 coins should be there.

This will be mentioned to the Finance team who manage the distribution of the cash at the turnstiles and we will make sure that this avoided in the future

  • The club shop at the Rotherham game only had one small wall of Carnegie merchandise which straight after Christmas with people having Christmas money to spend didn't help

In terms of the shop, what we stock this is based on previous sales and what we actually sell – no point in having a lot of stock that never sells. This season we have increased the ranges that are available and it is also worth asking staff if your size is not out on the shop floor – the stock may just need replenishing.