Yorkshire Carnegie centre Pete Lucock says this Sunday’s British & Irish Cup will be a great chance for all members of the squad to press their claims with Head Coach Bryan Redpath.

Carnegie entertain the Ospreys Premiership Select XV on Sunday in their opening game of this year's cup competition and Lucock admits playing an unknown outfit has allowed the home side to focus solely on their own preparations. He added, "The competition has seen a bit of a change this year with the new Welsh select teams but that has given the boys a bit of a lift this week as we come up against a bit of an unknown quantity in the Ospreys.

"The most important thing for us this week has been our own actions and preparing to produce our best form on Sunday. I am looking forward to going back to Huddersfield YMCA. It is great that we can take games out into the Rugby Union community across Yorkshire and show different fans, some of whom will not have seen us before, what we are all about. I loved playing there last year against Ulster and we had a good win so hopefully it will be a good omen for Sunday," added Lucock.

Yorkshire Carnegie come into the game on the back of a last ditch defeat at Bedford last Saturday when they led 21-0 midway through the second half. Lucock says the Cup format will allow Carnegie the chance to try and rebuild some confidence after that set back. He commented,  "After a disappointment like last week the first thing you want to do is put that right and we have a great chance to do that this weekend. There are quite a few lads getting some much needed gametime against the Ospreys and that will help with the competition within the squad. 

"The defeat came about on the back of our errors and mistakes and our inability to control the game. These games are a great chance to learn from those set backs without the pressure of league points. We have been winning games whilst not playing very well and we have still got a long way to reach our potential so that gives us plenty of motivation for the next few weeks and beyond. The signs are there and we are training like we should but it is now a question of putting that into practise in a game," added Lucock.