Yorkshire Carnegie stars Tom Ryder, Mike Myerscough, Chris Walker and Jack Walker will be taking part in a special event in Millennium Square tonight to mark the arrival of the World Cup in Yorkshire.

Anything can be achieved with strength in numbers; when everyone works together people can raise the roof, people can move mountains. Witness incredible people power as hundreds of performers come together to celebrate the Rugby World Cup’s arrival in Leeds.
Mass participation and moving structures tell the story of the power of community, heroic leadership and rugby’s traditions of justice and fair play. This epic theatre performance will celebrate the physicality, spirit and collective endeavour that is being part of a rugby team. All the passion, grit, determination and energy of one of the toughest sports will be channeled into this thrilling show.
Collective Endeavour will take place on Millennium Square on Friday 25th September. A huge production featuring several hundred volunteer performers from across the city, the show will celebrate the power of community and teamwork that rugby brings. A crowd of several thousand people is expected to witness this truly great celebration.
Nathan Curry, Co-Artistic Director, Tangled Feet: “Collective Endeavour is going to be an epic celebration of the power of community, of strength in numbers and of the idea that great things can be done when working as a team. Echoing the themes of rugby, the show will focus on community as large numbers of volunteer performers create a giant structure in front of the audience eyes. We are telling the story of community spirit. Collective Endeavour is the birth of something, a founding moment for the start of an incredible tournament that we will celebrate in stunning style in the heart of Leeds city centre.”