The Fans Forum provides our fans with a voice which will aid in decision making to help shape the club’s future.

The forum so far has and will continue to provide the opportunity to create an effective link between the club and the fans in order to create the best experience for existing and new fans to the club.

Recently, you may have seen around the stadium, the Fans Forum boards which are head shots of the members and a profile as to who they are! They are YOUR fan representatives so please say ‘Hello’ if you see them on a match day and feel free to chat to them if you have any feedback or ideas! We welcome them!

Alternatively you can email and your feedback will be discussed at the next meeting and will be published in the meeting minutes. All meeting minutes are published on the websites ( and so go and check them out to get a true reflection as to what goes on in the meetings!

Also remember that if you have any issues during your match day experience then please send a text to our text line: 07500 312 832 (texts charged at standard network rate). Your feedback is valuable and helps us to make you and your fellow fan’s experience more positive!!

What are the aims of the Fans Forum?


  • Establish a forum and a voice where supporters can communicate directly with the club in a structured manner
  • To help the club gain better understanding on topics that most affect and concern our fans
  • Provide the club with the opportunity to explain the thinking and decisions made for the club
  • Provide the opportunity for fans to play a key role in helping the club achieve success on and off the pitch
  • To create a community effect where every opinion and voice is equal which contributes to making key decisions for the club.

Long Term Aims:

  • Aim to enhance and build on relationships between Leeds Rugby and the supporters
  • Ensure that fans feel their loyalty to the club is valued by Leeds Rugby
  • Aim to improve Leeds Rugby for the benefit of the supporters