Assistant coach Francis Cummins says that the team will be putting the 12 week pre-season programme to good use when it comes to skills development within the whole group.

Cummins, who this week was announced a full time member of Bryan Redpath's coaching team, says the summer months will allow the team to build on the work already done last season and help move the side forward. He commented, "Skills development is key in whatever sport you are involved in. It is about mastering the little things within your game so that when it comes to the heat of a game and the pressure is on, you are able to execute that skill when it matters.

"Obviously this time of year, there is a lot of emphasis on fitness and strength work however we are always mindful of skill development and look to combine that in everything we do. The lads have had a down week this week but we will pick things up again next week and take things onto the next level before we head up to St Andrews for a training camp at the end of the month."